Markethill Road,
Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 4PA

The Ward Huntly, Aberdeenshire
AB54 4QU

Thainstone Agricultural Centre,
Inverurie, Aberdeenshire AB51 5WU

Agricultural medicines & vaccines

Quality Animal Health Products

Are you protecting your livestock from disease?

With advice from our expert staff, you can rest assured that you’ll be directed to the right medicines to prevent any infections affecting your herd or flock.

Only the best

Whilst it’s important to maintain a wide range of products, quality is always at the forefront of our thinking. We make sure that we stock medicines from top brands to cater for all budgets.

In store for you:
  • Wormers
  • Hoof treatments
  • Sheep dips
  • Mineral supplements & blocks
  • Colostrum
  • And much more
Let us know what you're looking for

With three branches throughout Aberdeenshire, we know that we’ll always be able to provide you with exactly what you need. Give us a call on 01888 568 856 and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

For vaccines, wormers, hoof treatments and more, call Towns & Carnie Ltd, on:

01888 568 856 – Turriff
01467 623 824 – Inverurie
01466 792 413 – Huntly

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